I am a Lecturer in Higher Education Teaching and Learning at the University of Greenwich. I lead courses on higher education pedagogy for academic staff and postgraduate students, and teach on Greenwich’s Postgraduate Certificate programme, which is designed to enhance the pedagogical practice of  teaching staff at Greenwich and staff working in our partner institutions.

Prior to working at Greenwich, I was at Goldsmiths, University of London, co-leading the Post-Graduate Teaching and Learning Programme. I taught completely online classes on technology and ethics, youth’s use of social media, and online learning communities at the University of Minnesota, where I also earned my doctorate degree in Learning Technologies, Curriculum and Instruction.

My research and writing focus on feminist pedagogy, critical pedagogy and open education. My works include 30 Years of Gender Inequality and Implications on Curriculum Design in Open and Distance Learning (published by JIME) and Access as Pedagogy: A Case for Embracing Feminist Pedagogy in Open and Distance Learning (published by AJDE).  A recent manuscript Rhizomatic Pedagogy in Higher Education: A Comparative Analysis is currently under review for an edited book on Rhizomatic Learning.

I co-edit Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching (University of Greenwich, UK) and serve as an associate editor for the e-learn magazine (ACM, US). I’m also the co-editor of two book projects: Feminist Critical Digital Pedagogy: An Open Book and Critical Digital Pedagogy in Higher Education: Broadening Horizons, Bridging Theory and Practice.

My upbringing in Turkey, my experiences in traditional K-12 and Higher Education in particular, very much shaped my understanding of education as a complex political, social and economic system. I am deeply concerned with how learners are enculturated into a system of standardisation, authority and hierarchy from a young age through formal education. I see the purpose of education as the cultivation of the whole person, helping people of all ages find beauty and meaning in the social and physical world and claim their citizenship – my most recent research and writing speaks to that.

I’m on Twitter: @suzanKoseoglu, and occasionally blog here.

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